In Production

Our most universal fears are losing loved ones, aging badly, and dying painfully. Dovetail Films is currently working on The Transhumanist Project (working title), a 90-minute (color, 16:9 digital video) documentary about the ability to accelerate human evolution through technology. The film focuses on the work and theories of a pro-technology, hyper-evolutionary group of people who call themselves Transhumanists. The Transhumanists believe that current and future technologies should be used to augment the existing human condition and push the human race into its next phase of evolution: greater mental ability, greater physical ability, and longer, perhaps eternal life-spans.

Using scientific advancements ranging from nanotechnology to artificial intelligence, The Transhumanists firmly believe that it will soon be in our grasp to cure our children of disease before they're born and enhance human life by building synthetic human bodies into which our brains will be uploaded. These futuristic technologies are only years from coming to fruition: mainstream science predicts a breakthrough in anti-aging medicine in the next ten years and, in as little as 30 years, machines with human-level computing power. The Transhumanists' goal is to create a new human, or in their words, a 'posthuman.'

For general information on Transhumanism, the website of the World Transhumanist Association contains current and historical notes on the movement and links to other Transhumanist organizations.